BlackBoard Circuit Designer


Blackboard is an opensource circuit designer intended for a simple schematic capture or perf-board circuit layout.

You may download it here if you want to install. Caveat: the installation interface language is German, but the installation is quite simple. Just follow the images below:

Do not worry, once the installation is complete, the user interface language is in English.

You may use blackboard as a simple schematic capture like this one below:

Schematic Capture

First create a new board:


Notice that if you want to use blackboard as a schematic capture, the "Board Type" should be "Blank."

Then you start to build your schematic circuit clicking the part on the left side and dragging it to the empty board:


Create a new board:


Board Type should be "Holes" or "Stripes". Adjust board width and height accordingly.

Although you may use the parts on the left side, most probably you will get your parts from the parts library:

Then click and drag the part into the correct location. You may rotate the part 90o left or 90o right.

Once you have placed all the parts you want, you need to draw lines to connect different pins:


Move the wire to the bottom of the board:


You may switch between the front and bottom of the board:


More or less, this is it. It is not really that difficult since blackboard makes everything so easy!

You may watch a brief introduction on blackboard on the home page of the project.

Fr. Visiminlu Vicente L. Chua, S.J.